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Welcome all Jeepers to Wicked Jeeps Southeast Michigan


We are excited that you have pointed your browser to this page!  We are a family friendly Jeep club that likes to have fun wheeling on the trails and at non-wheeling events such as our monthly Meet N Greets, Jeep Nights and multiple charity events throughout the year.  With all of the experience levels on our regular and members only Facebook pages, all you have to do is ask a question and you will get quick and informative replies.  Want to wheel?  Mention it on the Facebook pages and you will have more when’s and where’s than you will know what to do with!

Formed in 2015, Wicked Jeeps Southeast Michigan set out to provide a family friendly place where like-minded Jeepers could get together and share their love of Jeeps, whether it be crawling the malls or bouncing off the rocks and all points in between.  WJ SEMI accepts and welcomes all models of Jeeps.  We are a Jeep club, not a 4x4 club.  We have events and gatherings that cater to all types of Jeepers.

Since we are a family friendly Jeep club, there are some rules that must be followed which leadership works very hard to enforce.


  • No profanity or off color remarks!
  • No bashing of any kind!  Everybody has their own style and ideas.  What works for you might not work for everyone.  That is the beauty of owning a Jeep!
  • The tread lightly principle is very important to us.  Every state has trails closing down at a frightening rate due to off-roading that does not comply with the tread lightly principals.  Any illegal wheeling activity will be addressed accordingly.
  • Alcohol will not be tolerated on the trails!

Jeepers as a whole are a very charitable group.  WJ SEMI is no exception.  We usually have some form of charity collection going on at most of our events.  We support small local charities in the communities in which we live in.  Some of the local charities we have supported are; Shop With A Cop (Washtenaw County Sheriffs Office), Alpha House, Camp Casey, PCYDI, and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital through Shop With A Cop for school supplies.  We routinely raise over $10,000 a year because of the generosity of our members.

If all the above appeals to you, please follow the links to our social media pages and event calendar to see what WJ SEMI has to offer.  If you desire to become an official member, please attend one of our awesome events, meet some fantastic people and then make your way back to this page and follow the ‘Become a Member’ link to start your incredible journey that is Wicked Jeeps Southeast Michigan!




President – Sheri Austin
Vice President - Brad Schellenberger
Secretary/Treasurer - Rebecca Finch
Director of Membership – Denni Gora
Director of Events/Charity – Ari Leopardi
Director of Trails - Mike Hotz
Safety Officer - Josh Traud

Active Voting (AV) Members:

Alex Baciu
Adam Lemankiewicz
Dennis Noles
Stephen Witham
Jeremy Rudd


Prospect Active Voting (AV) Members:

Stay Wicked!!!

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