Article I:  Name, National Affiliation, Purpose, and Objectives

Section A:  Name.  This organization shall be called Wicked Jeeps Southeast Michigan, hereinafter called WJ SEMI.

Section B:  Relationship to Wicked Jeeps.  WJ SEMI is affiliated with the Wicked Jeeps National Organization.

Section C:  Purpose.  The following outlines the purpose of WJ SEMI:

C.1.   To promote the Jeep lifestyle, to help our communities, and to four wheel responsibly.

C.2.   To educate our members on safe four wheeling practice and the Tread Lightly principals & practices.

C.3.   To work with numerous charities and/or organizations in our communities along with special projects decided upon by the WJ SEMI Leadership.

C.4.   To create a second family for its members. 

Section D:  Objectives.  WJ SEMI has the following objectives:

D.1.   To create a Jeep club that is also a respected organization in our communities.

D.2.   To reach out to those in need and to provide them a life changing experience even for just a day.

D.3.   To support all of our members and show them that they are more than just members; they are part of the family.

D.4.   To sponsor fun/entertaining/informative events for the entire club.

D.5.   To create a supportive environment for ALL members without regard to race, creed, color, age, sex, marital status, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and/or physical or mental disability because we believe all Jeepers should be treated equally.

D.6.   To lead by example and conduct ourselves in a positive light at all times.

Article II:  Chapters 

Section A:  Chapter.   WJ SEMI is a Michigan Chapter of the Wicked Jeeps National Organization. WJ SEMI is headquartered in Southeast Michigan.

Section B:  Trademark.  The WJ SEMI Chapter is authorized to use the WJ SEMI  logos to benefit their individual Chapter, not any individual member(s). Use of the trademark must be done in accordance with the WJ SEMI Bylaws and with the permission from the individual Chapter Board of Directors and National Leadership.

Section C:  Requirements.  The Chapter shall maintain all of the necessary requirements to keep their status:

C.1.   Hold at least one event (i.e., meeting, trail ride, social function, or any other WJ SEMI-sponsored function) every month.

C.2.   Host or take part in at least three charitable events each year.

C.3.   Maintain at least four officers or voting members.

C.4.   Maintain at least seven members.

Article III:  Membership

Section A:  Code of Conduct

A.1.   All Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner to bring honor and respect to WJ SEMI at all times (to include their online presence in social media). Any actions by any member deemed detrimental to the organization shall be cause for review for disciplinary procedures by the Board of Directors and could result in discipline up to or including suspension or expulsion from membership of WJ SEMI.

A.2.   The Board of Directors reserve the right to suspend or revoke the use any WJ SEMI logo, suspend or revoke membership, by any member for violations of the WJ SEMI Bylaws, violation of local, state of Michigan, federal laws, criminal offenses, or conduct that brings discredit to WJ SEMI.  

A.3.  There is ZERO TOLERANCE for the consumption of illegal drugs (at any WJ SEMI event) and alcohol while four wheeling.  If members are caught in violation, it will result in immediate removal from WJ SEMI.

Section B:  Requirements. Members must adhere to the following requirements to maintain membership:

B.1.   Membership and participation shall be completely voluntary.

B.2.   Members must be at least 15 years of age.

B.3.   Members must own a Jeep Brand Vehicle.

B.4.   Members must adhere to the code of conduct.

B.5.   Members are encouraged to attend monthly events.

Section C:  Duration of Membership.  WJ SEMI membership will continue as long as a person maintains requirements.

Section D:  Resignation of Membership.  The membership of any Member of WJ SEMI will terminate after the Member has submitted a written request for such termination to any WJ SEMI Officer within the Chapter. The Board of Directors shall respond in writing to said request.

Section E:  Classifications of Membership. There are four classifications of Members:

E.1.    Member.  A Member is a person whose membership application was approved by the chapters Director of Membership.  A Member will be granted access to Member discounts and Member only events.  A Member does not hold any rights in regard to casting votes to WJ SEMI matters and decisions.  Members will not be privy to any special groups that are reserved for Voting Members.  

E.2.   Junior Membership.   Any child within the legal age to obtain a state issued learner’s permit or license may apply for Junior Membership status if their parent or guardian is a current member in good standing.   All applicable state laws must be followed while the junior member is operating a motorized vehicle at all times. If the permit or license is allowed to expire, membership status will be placed on hold until the Junior Member updates their license status.

E.2.1   Parents/Guardians of potential Junior Members must be a Member of WJ SEMI and in good standing.  If a parent/guardian Member is no longer in good standing with WJ SEMI, said Junior Member will lose membership with WJ SEMI.  Parent/Guardian Members are responsible for their Junior Members at all times.  A Junior Members parent/guardian Member must be present during any event or function approved for Junior Membership attendance within WJ SEMI.  

E.2.2.   Parents/Guardians of Junior Members must sign a “Release of Liability” statement releasing Wicked Jeeps Southeast Michigan, Wicked Jeeps National, any and all affiliates or sponsors and so forth of any legal liability while the Junior Member is participating in any event or function of WJ SEMI.

E.2.3.   Junior Members must be properly licensed (Learner’s Permit or Operators License) and insured to operate a motorized vehicle in accordance of state laws.

E.2.4.   Upon the 18th Birthday of the Junior Members, membership status will change to Member so long as Junior Membership is in good standing.

E.3.   Active Voting Member (AV Member). An Active Voting (hereinafter “AV”) Member is a Chapter member who has fulfilled the requirements set forth.  An AV Member may cast a vote on WJ SEMI matters and decisions. Upon prior notice to the Chapter President or Vice President, an AV Member may proxy a vote on any matters that will be discussed at a meeting the Voting member is unable to attend. An AV Member will have all benefits as an Official Member as well.

E.3.1.   Becoming an Active Voting Member.  The following steps outline the process that a Member must take to become an AV member:

E.3.1.a.  The Member wishing to become an Active Voting Member must have been an official member for at least 6 months prior to the request.

E.3.1.b.  The Member shall approach any AV Member or Officer and express interest in becoming an AV Member.

E.3.1.c.   The approached AV Member will bring the Member’s interest to the attention of the other Voting Members.  The Board will decide and notify the Member if they have been accepted as an AV Prospect.

E.3.1.d.  Upon AV Prospect approval, a sponsor will be appointed to the AV Prospect.  This sponsor will be a current Active Voting Member who will be the first point of contact for any questions or issues the AV Prospect may have.  The AV Prospect will check in at least weekly with the AV Sponsor.  The sponsor will keep leadership informed of how the AV Prospect is doing.

E.3.1.e.   The AV Prospect shall attend at least 5 WJ SEMI events (not including Jeep Nights) and introduce themselves to all Officers, current AV Members and general membership.

E.3.1.f.   The board will vote on the AV Prospect’s interest during the next quarterly voting period. For example, if an AV Prospect expresses interest in becoming an AV Member during the first quarter, the board will vote on that AV Prospect’s interest at the end of the second quarter.

E.3.1.g.  If the AV Prospect fails to receive the required number of votes, he/she may request to be on the next quarterly vote if requested within the first week of the new quarter after the failed vote; with board approval.

E.3.1.h.   The Board of Directors, at its discretion, may supersede these steps to become an AV Member by a 2/3 vote of cast votes if the Board deems it is in the best interest of WJ SEMI.

E.3.2.   AV Member Requirements

E.3.2.a.   AV Members shall attend at least ten WJ SEMI-sponsored events a year (i.e., meet and greets, trail ride, social function, or any other WJ SEMI-sponsored function.  Jeep Nights do not apply.) to maintain AV Member status.  Of those 10 required events, the AV Member must attend one meet and greet per quarter, plus one extra meet and greet for a total of five meet and greets per year.  The remaining 5 events can be any variation of the above-mentioned events.  AV Members must abide by the WJ SEMI Board Code of Ethics, always.

E.3.2.b.  An AV Member must make every effort to attend scheduled AV Member meetings.  If an AV Member cannot attend the meeting, the AV Member shall appoint another AV Member as proxy for voting purposes.  Three consecutive absences from AV meetings will result in immediate removal from the board.

E.3.2.c.  AV Members must abide by the WJ SEMI Board Code of Ethics, always.

E.3.3.  AV Member Demotion

E.3.3.a.   If an AV Member fails to meet attendance requirements or violates the board code of ethics, said AV Member will lose AV Member privileges and revert to Member status as voted on by the Board of Directors.

E.4.   Officers.  Officers within WJ SEMI hold direct roles and responsibilities within the Chapter.  Officer positions may be voted upon or appointed by the Chapter President.  If an Officer decides they can no longer fulfill their obligations to the respected position, they may step down and revert to AV Membership so long as they are in good standing.

E.4.1.  The Officers of WJ SEMI set the example for all Members of WJ SEMI, and their actions and behavior must reflect this.  The following are the current positions held in WJ SEMI.  The President reserves the right to add or remove positions as so long as it benefits WJ SEMI.

E.4.1.a.   President

E.4.1.b.   Vice President

E.4.1.c.   Secretary

E.4.1.d.   Treasurer

E.4.1.e.   Director of Public Relations/Media

E.4.1.f.   Director of Membership

E.4.1.g.   Director of Events

E.4.1.h.   Director of Trails

E.4.1.i.   Director of Charity

E.4.1.j.   Safety Officer

Section F:  WJ SEMI Membership Benefits

F.1.  Members are entitled to purchase WJ SEMI or National Wicked Jeeps paraphernalia and benefit from discounts offered by any companies that are providing them to WJ SEMI.  Companies that provide discounts to Members have an up to date list of our current Members.  Members in good standing may participate in any WJ SEMI trail ride or event.  Members do not pay dues to maintain membership. The requirement for dues is subject to change by a vote of the Board of Directors and Wicked Jeeps National Leadership.

Section G:  Board of Directors, Officers, and AV Members

G.1.   Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall consist of all Officers and AV Members in good standing with WJ SEMI.

G.2.   Responsibilities. The Board of Directors shall have the following specific responsibilities:

G.2.1.   To appoint delegates to the different associations of which WJ SEMI may be a member or for the purpose of conferring with any association regarding any matter in which WJ SEMI may be concerned.

G.2.2.   To make rules for the conduct of the membership of WJ SEMI.

G.2.3.   To suspend or expel a Member for any conduct in violation of rules or behavior improper or prejudicial to the interest of WJ SEMI.

G.2.4.   To fix and enforce penalties for the violation of rules.

G.2.5.   To remit penalties for offenses against rules.

G.2.6.   To prescribe rules for the admission of applicants to the privileges of membership.

G.2.7.   To call special meetings of WJ SEMI to consider special subjects.

G.2.8.   To make and amend the rules for the Board’s own government and to fix and enforce penalties for the violations of such rules.

G.2.9.   To prescribe additional duties for any of the Officers or AV Members, in addition to those herein set forth.

G.3.  Board Member Terms of Service

G.3.1.  Board Members are elected to serve for two (2) years.  Board Members shall serve no more than two consecutive terms in a row.  Shall an Officer position become vacant, the President shall appoint a Member to serve all of or any portion of the remaining unexpired term.  Said appointment is subject to board approval.  No Board Members who have served two consecutive two-year terms is eligible for election for a third term.  A period of one (1) year must elapse before eligibility is restored.  If a current board member completes their first term successfully and wishes to continue into a second term, they must notify the President who will submit the request to the board for approval.

G.3.2.  Active Voting Member – Emeritus:  After successful completion of a full-service term of membership to the board of directors and Wicked Jeeps Southeast Michigan; an AV Member may retain emeritus status with a majority vote. This status allows for the member to continue service and to consult remaining board members regarding club operations. The position will last so long as needed by the board of directors’ needs. The board will decide with a majority vote to suspend AV Emeritus status when the position is no longer needed. The AV Emeritus may also step down at any time with written notice to the board of directors. During this time, AV Emeritus must follow all rules of conduct, ethics and bylaws as any other AV Member. However, AV Emeritus are not required to fulfill the attendance requirements but may participate at will.

Article IV: Amendment of Bylaws 

IV.1. These Bylaws may be amended at any time by the Chapter President for minor edits and by the Board of Directors for content changes by two thirds (2/3) of votes cast from the Board of Directors.

Article V: Release of Liability

V.1.  Wicked Jeeps National Leadership, WJ SEMI, and the Board of Directors accept no responsibility or liability for the actions of any of its members or the actions of any other organization.

V.2.  Wicked Jeeps National Leadership, WJ SEMI, and the Board of Directors accept no responsibility for the loss, theft, or damage to any vehicle while participating in WJ SEMI-sponsored events. Personal property in vehicles is solely the owner’s responsibility. Each member is participating in WJ SEMI activities voluntarily and is responsible for his or her own actions and the actions of their guests and/or passengers. 

Article VI:  Appeal Process. If a Voting Member does not agree with a decision made by the Board of Directors, President, or Vice President, the Voting Member may challenge the decision if they have a valid concern. If a challenge is issued and it is found that there is a valid concern, the matter will then be voted upon by the Board of Directors.

Article VII:  Reinstatement of Suspended or Expelled Member. If any Member has been expelled, it will remain this way unless the Member goes through the reinstatement process. The Member must contact the Director of Membership and make a written request for a review stating why the Member warrants another chance and reinstatement into the WJ SEMI chapter. The Director of Membership will then bring the Member’s case to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will then hear the case and vote regarding reinstatement into the WJ SEMI chapter.  If a Member is suspended, the Member will automatically be reinstated upon completion of the suspension terms.