Sponsors / Partners

Wicked Jeeps Southeast Michigan would like to welcome Extreme Terrain as our newest partner!

ACE Enginering - Warren, MI - Ace Engineering

Rancho Suspensions - Monroe, MI - Go Rancho

Red Rock Offroad - Taylor, MI - Red Rock

Unlimited Offroad - Fenton, MI - Unltd. Offroad

Jeff's Power Coating - Monroe, MI - jpcoatings

Rock Rash Offroad - Jackson, MI - Rock Rash

Advanced Auto Parts - Nationwide - Advanced Auto

Northridge 4x4 - Silverdale, WA - Northridge 4x4

Belle Tire - 3501 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, MI

Dynomax - Jackson, MI - Dynomax

Bundy Hill Offroad ORV Park - Jermore, MI - Bundy HIll

Bestop - Bestop

Extreme Terrain - Extreme Terrain

Thank you to all of our sponsors for their continued support!